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It's our job now to find out exactly how that happened, so we can keep catching lightning in a bottle. It was all pretty much a pain in the ass, but when you've worked for something as long as we've worked for this; you're willing to put up with a lot of bullshit to achieve your final goal.

So if the band needed to be focus grouped and we all needed user-friendly labels, then we'd suck it up and do it."So?

So here we were, six months out since we came from Seattle and it was time to stop being the winner of America's Next Great Band and start being Eclipse.We rented a ramshackle old house in a crummy section of town and furnished it with curbside rescues and thrift store finds. Well, at least some things were the same as they ever were.My little house here in LA was the first place that was ever all mine. Emmett came over yesterday to watch the Mariners game with me. My boys still sitting around on a Sunday afternoon watching baseball and drinking beers. We were interrupted by Heidi showing in Emmett and Rosalie, hand in hand."Ah! Rosalie, you look exquisite as always."Rosalie gave him a tiny Mona Lisa smile and inclined her head at him.Maybe they weren't related to me by blood like Emmett was, but they might as well be.We had all gone through elementary, middle, and high school together in Forks, and when Emmett and Jasper formed the band, pulling Rosalie and then me in right after, then the three of them became my whole world, my best friends.

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